Gärtnerstraße 39, 80992 Munich


Munich is recognized among the world cities and is considered a center of culture, politics, sciences and media and is home to numerous corporations, including four DAX companies. In the 2018 city rankings of the consulting firm Mercer, Munich ranked third among 231 major cities worldwide in terms of quality of life, and in 2018 it was the most livable city in the world. The property at Gärtnerstrasse 39 is “right in the middle”. To the south is the O² Tower and E.ON, which has leased the entire Bravo campus with 90,000 m² GFA. The Flag operates one of the chain’s most successful apartment buildings in the immediate vicinity. To the north is BMW, which has its own dormitory, Billfinger Berger and Oracle. The OEZ and Mona, as well as the Olympia Shopping Mall subway station, are within a 5-minute walk

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Micro-Apartments: 91
Parking Lots: 35
Plot Size: 1.928 m²
Lettable Area: 2.200 m²
Location: Munich Gärtnerstr. 39

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