Our principles


Long-term economic success is always based on clear corporate management and strong values.
We consider our Corporate Governance Principles as binding for all our entrepreneurial activities.

Real Estate

Rock Invest

Rock Invest GmbH & Co. KG is a Real Estate investment company with over 20 years of experience in the Central European Real Estate Market with approx. 200.000 m² of Lettable space under development and 100.000m² of existing Real Estate in the top Metropole cities across Europe, our total Portfolio size would reach 1Bn € in 2022.

Rock Invest is one of the leading development companies in Europe. We established an Investment platform for German and international institutional capital Partners, offering a broad range of products across the Living & Hospitality Sector with a holistic investment approach.

As an investment boutique which is family managed, we bring together the combined investment experience of two generations, the proven track record of our shareholding parent companies and management team, and an extensive network of regional, national and international contacts to serve our investment partners and clients. Firmly committed to the family’s tradition, we are guided by the fundamental values for which our names have long stood for: mutual trust built upon transparent processes, honesty, reliability and respectful, professional cooperation.

Rock Invest uniquely combines proximity to real estate opportunities with the personal contacts of our senior management among German and international investors, as well as access to a first class Real estate pipeline, in particular through our strategic partners. Through this combination, we are able to offer our partners high-quality investment products and comprehensive services spanning the entire value chain of investment management.

We create new living spaces. Spaces for people, who fill them with life. Our idea of space goes well beyond the conventional understanding of length by width by height, we want to inspire people. That’s our mission – and our passion.
We always focus on the optimization of our products for the respective end user. We are convinced that this is the only way to jointly create true values.

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